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Disabled children's register

What are the benefits of the Disabled Children’s Register?

We are committed to improve services for children and young people in Barnet. To improve access to services for children and young people with disabilities or complex needs Barnet has set up a register which has the following benefits:

  • we will be able to issue your child with a photo ID card saying that he/she is on our register
  • we will be able to give you relevant information, advice and support that is targeted directly to your child’s needs
  • we will be able to give you information from other agencies which specialise in working with disabled children
  • the register will accurately reflect the range of disabilities and special needs of the resident population aged 0 – 19 years
  • we will have a better understanding of your needs, enabling us to plan services for the future of all children with special needs.

Who can be registered?

  • putting your child’s name on the register is entirely voluntary, but the more information we can gather about needs of disabled children the better we can plan services for children in Barnet
  • you will not be asked to prove the nature of your child’s condition before they can be included on the register, and no assessments will be made
  • if your child has a disability or a special need and you would like them to be on the register, please complete and return a registration form or contact us
  • receiving an ID card is voluntary, if you would like to have one please include two passport size photos with the registration form

To register, please complete this form.

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